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Nutrition Counseling Services

Working with a nutritionist can benefit you in many ways. Whether you want to optimized your diet and lifestyle, or need to manage a medical condition, a professional nutritionist can support and provide you with the most recent evidence-based information, and help you achieve your goals.

My Philosophy -  Each and every individual is a different size, shape, and has various nutritional needs. That is why there isn’t one diet or approach that fits for all of us. However, my recommendation always remains to intake less high sugar and processed food, and more plant-based and whole foods diet. During the nutritional counseling, I'll work closely with you on your health and nutrition goals, and provide any tools you need in order to succeed.


Nutritional counseling services available:

- Meal planning

- Grocery tours and food labeling reading

- Weight management

- Specific health conditions menus (Diabetes, cardiovascular heart diseases, osteoporosis, gallstones, thyroids diseases, and more)

- Food allergies and sensitivities

- Sport Nutrition

- Detoxification and cleanses

- Vegan diets

- Gastrointestinal discomfort

- General healthy eating

- Mindful eating


First appointment:  Includes Initial Nutrition Assessment (dietary intake, goal setting, customized plan).  Fee: $125 - 60 minutes.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice for cancellations. 


Follow-up Nutrition Counseling: Includes plan modification, discussion of goals and progression, and additional support. Fee: $75


Weekly Meal Plan (Custom)

Fee: $320

My meal planning will help you with the change you desire to make in your lifestyle and/or diet. While creating the meal plan for you, I take under consideration your health condition, goals, budget, and foods you like and dislike. The custom meal plan includes:

- 5 breakfasts

- 5 lunches

- 5 dinners

- 5 snacks and drinks

- 20 recipes

- Shopping list


Grocery Store Tour

$80 per hour

Through the aisles guidance at the grocery store. This service will help you see through confusing marketing messages, learn how to read food labels, how to smartly navigate and shop the bulk food section, and more.