Just Eat Well offers holistic medical nutrition consulting by a professional nutritionist, menu and recipe development, individualized meal plan tailored to address medical issues including treatment and prevention of chronic disease, and setting the stage for healthy lifestyle and dietary choices. North Plains, Oregon

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Nutrition Counseling Services

Working with a nutritionist can benefit you in many ways. Whether you want to optimized your diet and lifestyle, or need to manage a medical condition, a professional nutritionist can support and provide you with the most recent evidence-based information, and help you achieve your goals.

My Philosophy -  Each and every individual is a different size, shape, and has various nutritional needs. That is why there isn’t one diet or approach that fits for all of us. However, my recommendation always remains to intake less high sugar and processed food, and more plant-based-whole-foods. During the nutritional consultation, I'll work closely with you on your health and nutrition goals, and provide any tools you need in order to succeed.


Nutritional counseling services available:

- Meal planning

- Grocery tours and food labeling reading

- Weight management

- Medical Nutrition Therapy

- Food allergies and sensitivities

- Sport Nutrition

- Detoxification and cleanses

- Vegan diets

- Gastrointestinal discomfort

- General healthy eating

- Mindful eating

- Families and children

FREE 20-Minute Session

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