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Shalom and welcome to my blog!

Cooking is one of my greatest passions! It makes me feel like I'm creating an art. Cliché, I know… but seriously, turning vegan nine years ago, didn’t leave me much choice but explore and experience many recipes and new ingredients in the kitchen - and I LOVED every second of it. Back in the beginning of our lifestyle-change journey, there weren’t enough science-based information about healthy vegan foods, and most of the available information was misleading. For that reason, I’ve started self-research and eventually went to study nutrition as a profession.

Thanks to all the academic knowledge and kitchen experience, today I have many recipes and knowledge which I'm excited to share. Let’s start!

The biggest challenge when it comes to diet/lifestyle changing is how to start it. To most of us, the change of old habits seems time consuming, and there's so much information available today that it's hard to point the finger on the best way to make this change. For that reason, I put together 5 Basic Steps that will make it a little easier to start. Please remember that these steps are very general, and there are so many things one can do to improve diet, lifestyle, and health, but they're also very effective if followed.

What can you do to improve your lifestyle




About 60% of our body consists of water. The human body uses water for many functions such as temperature regulation, digestion, transportation of nutrients, and more. Water is being used by all the body’s systems and cells. It means that hydration is a key component in keeping the body functioning well.

Recommendation: Drink 8 glasses of water a day, or half of the body weight in ounces. Drink more when you work out, on very active days, or when you're sweating a lot.


Exercise has an important role in our general health. It supports the heart, blood vessels, and the lungs, it enhances better circulation, faster metabolism, and a stronger body. All leads to better health. Exercise also promotes sweat, which is a way for the body to detoxify and lose harmful substances.

A daily 30-40 minutes of exercise is recommended if you wish to increase your energy levels and mood, get stronger, and  lower the risk for most diseases.


Sleep is important for physical, mental health, and quality of life. When asleep, the body is working to support the brain function and repair the body’s different systems including the heart and the blood vessels. It's important for healthy hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, and also keeps the immune system efficient.

Recommendation: Minimum 7 hours of sleep a night is recommended for adults.


Chronic stress can lead to some serious health issues such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a weakened the immune system. There are several ways to reduce stress. Belly breathing techniques, or doing your favorite activity such as (music, dancing, yoga, singing, reading a book, etc.) will help decrease your stress levels.


Last but not least - a healthy and clean diet. While there are a wide range of interpretation for healthy diets, no one can deny the importance of eating vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, and in each meal. Michael Pollan put it well: "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Since each one of us is a different shape, and has different nutritional needs, there isn’t one diet that's good for all. However, eliminating harmful foods such as processed, high-sugar, and fast foods from our diet, and eating more fresh foods is the absolute way to reduce weight and increase health.