Boost Your Immune System

Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching. During these cold seasons, we often get more exposed to and at risk for illnesses such as flu, common colds, and other infections from germs and viruses.

While there are many possible reasons for why we tend to get sicker during the colder months, the big question is how we can avoid it. Here are four ways to help you boost the immune system and strengthen your body against the common cold.

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Should I Count My Calories?

The idea of dieting is not a new thing. In the past 2 centuries, people have been trying to lose weight in different ways. Fad diets and loss weight techniques frequently come and go all the time. The US market for diet products and services worth $66 billion annually (1). The common theme and secret of success for all these diets and programs is calorie restriction.

Whether you try a specific diet, control meal time, or do detox and cleanse diet, the basic principle of effective weight loss is to consume fewer calories than are used (2). Considering the huge U.S. diet market and the need for negative caloric balance for successful diet, it’s no wonder that there are so many caloric and diet diary apps and websites available these days.

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Picky Eaters – How to Engage Children into Healthy Eating

As a parent, I know how challenging feeding your kid can be. On countless occasions, I prepared a meal only to find out that my child refused to taste it with variety of excuses. Or in other times the child will love a meal one day, but dislike it the next.

It is very common for young children to avoid certain foods and have only a few meal choices in their diet. This behavior is called picky eating and can cause deficiencies in protein, iron, zinc and other micronutrients (1).

Here are some ways to help your child try a variety of food:

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Cooking is one of my greatest passions! It makes me feel like I'm creating an art. Cliché, I know… but seriously, turning vegan nine years ago, didn’t leave me much choice but explore and experience many recipes and new ingredients in the kitchen - and I LOVED every second of it. Back in the beginning of our lifestyle-change journey, there weren’t enough science-based information about healthy vegan foods, and most of the available information was misleading. For that reason, I’ve started self-research and eventually went to study nutrition as a profession.

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