Liat Nadler MSN

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Several years ago, when my first son was a few months old, I regularly suffered from headaches, fatigue, and a general feeling that I wasn't in my best health. At that point, a friend of mine introduced me to a plant-based, whole food diet. Feeling desperate from having too much coffee and supplements but never really feeling energized, both my husband and I, decided to give it a try. After three weeks, we started to feel much better, much more energized, and lost some weight in the process. I have became much more focused and could maintain better concentration throughout my engineering bachelor degree studies. This positive experience led us to decide to stick to this diet, and we're still practicing it today. I consider this one of the BEST decisions I've ever made.

Feeling the effects on my body, I became a strong believer in veganism and natural nutrition. With a biology background from my high school days, my army service as a medic, I felt very comfortable digging into the details of veganism and learning more about these topics.  For over nine years now, I've eagerly studied and expanded my knowledge about healthy nutrition, and moved forward with my Master of Science in Nutrition at National University of Natural Medicine. 

Another habit I've developed is healthy cooking.  I enjoy the challenge of using natural ingredients and inventing new recipes for vegan dishes. One of the things I love the most about vegan cooking, is that you can enjoy very tasty food (and most of the time with within a low-budget) while not feeling guilty afterwards;  knowing everything was actually good for you.

I would like to bring all of my experience and knowledge to my business and share it with anyone whose interested to learning how to be healthier and happier.

As a nutritionist, I acknowledge that each and every one of us is unique, and so are our nutritional needs. For that reason, my business provides several services, in order to meet my client’s goals and needs. ~ Liat Nadler


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